1. Developing skill

For the new to teaching, this phase can be overwhelming. You are learning swiftly in real time, while also working towards licensure requirements. You’ve got a lot on your plate!  You’ll get through it, and BPS is here to support you during this time of rapid growth.

This phase is not only for the new to teaching; it’s also experienced by those who are undergoing a renewal in their practice. You might feel energized, inspired, but also a little nervous about stepping past your comfort zone.

What does this phase feel like?

  • eager to learn

  • overwhelmed

  • high intensity

  • no time to reflect

  • adjusting practice

  • stretching and trying new things

BPS supports

MTEL Prep Support Program: for teachers early in their career or seeking to expand their expertise, the demands of licensure can feel like a lot. BPS’s MTEL preparation program provides courses to help with MTEL content and strategies.

New Teacher Development: each new teacher in the district is matched to a New Teacher Developer who supports with coaching and mentorship.

African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (ALANA): ALANA is a teacher-organized networking series that is a venue for connecting with other educators-of-color and for sharing insight and expertise.