2. Proficient

This is the time when you are in your groove, you’re feeling the flow of being both confident in and also challenged by your work.

You’re still incredibly busy, but it may feel like you now have the space to stretch a bit, to explore interests outside of the classroom, like a role in teacher leadership, or heading up a student activity.

For the more seasoned teacher, this is the phase in which you are feeling over the hump of a recent growth spurt. You’ve adopted a new practice or perhaps achieved a new license.

What does this phase feel like?

  • Confident

  • Challenged in a good way

  • Exploratory

  • Ready for more

BPS supports

Male Educators Of Color (MEOC): MEOC is an immersive, cohort-driven program that provides executive coaching, research-based content, and education leadership for male educators of color. MEOC can be a great way for teachers in the Proficient phase to find other potential leaders, to share perspectives, and to grow together.

Women Educators of Colors (WEOC): During this one-year program, women educators of color are brought together as a cohort to experience executive coaching, project-based learning, and leadership development. It’s a great way for teachers in the Proficient phase to build their network of emerging women leaders.

African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (ALANA): ALANA is a series of teacher-organized meet-ups that is a venue for building a network and for sharing expertise.