3. At ease

You’ve got it down. You feel comfortable in your practice and coming to school each day still feels good.

But you may not feel stimulated and inspired in the ways you once did. This is the stage when great teachers can become just good teachers if they don’t continue to seek the challenges that drew them to teaching in the first place.

What does this phase feel like?

  • Seeking or would benefit from stimulation and challenge feels like there’s something more

  • Don’t know how to spice up lessons without rewriting something you already know works well

  • With your level of experience, it can be hard to know where to get advice

BPS supports

Aspiring Principals Program (APP): For those who are interested in moving beyond the classroom into school leadership, the APP is a year-long residency program that combines mentorship and professional development.

Women Educators of Colors (WEOC): WEOC focuses on building self-leadership capacity through coaching and professional development. For teachers in the At Ease phase, this can be an opportunity to reflect and to tackle a problem-of-practice that can push you forward.

New Teacher Mentorship: For those At Ease, mentorship is an opportunity to share an experienced teacher’s expertise with a new teacher and to use the mentoring relationship to reflect on the strengths and opportunities in the mentor’s own practices.

Male Educators Of Color (MEOC): MEOC brings together a cohort to develop individually and as a group. For those At Ease, this is a place where teachers can lean on each other to spark inspiration, talk about big ideas, and get the insight of peers and experts.

African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (ALANA): This networking series can help jumpstart new thinking by exposing educators to colleagues who may be facing similar challenges…and tackling them in different ways.