4. innovating

You’re ready to kick it up a notch and to explore new things. You may be experimenting with new lessons or classroom moves. You may be working with your colleagues in different ways. Innovation doesn’t usually drop in your lap; it is the conscious decision to venture into new spaces and to push yourself to try new things.

Innovating is a thrill, but it is also rife with ambiguity and uncertainty. Remember that some failures are to be expected and learning what doesn’t work is an important part of the process.

What does this phase feel like?

  • Exciting to be starting a new challenge

  • Uncomfortable not knowing what the outcome will look like

  • Hard to know where to begin

  • There may be no model for what you seek to do

  • Difficult to know who to turn to for support

BPS supports

Fund for Teachers: The Fund for Teachers provides grants to individuals or teams to design their own learning opportunities around the globe. This is a chance for Innovating teachers to travel abroad to explore, dig deep into a topic, and get inspired.

African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (ALANA): Teachers bringing their Innovation challenges to ALANA find a community of potential collaborators who can help them frame their innovation goals and share ideas with colleagues.

Women Educators of Colors (WEOC): As teachers of color work through problems of practice with the support of experienced coaches and a supportive cohort, WEOC offers a safe and productive space to explore Innovation opportunities within a teacher’s school or personal practice.

Male Educators Of Color (MEOC): MEOC can offer Innovating teachers a way to take on Innovation challenges with the support of expert coaches, an ambitious cohort, and professional development activities.