BpS teaching fellowship: frequently asked questions

What type of person is a good candidate for the BPS Teaching Fellowship?

  • There is no one profile for an ideal BPS Teaching Fellowship candidate; we expect that Fellows will come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring to the program a diverse set of talents and skills. Strong candidates are those who are committed to having a positive effect on student achievement in Boston, who display excellence in their previous endeavors, and who are dedicated to reaching and influencing students—especially those in under-resourced areas—on a daily basis. 

Am I eligible if I have no prior teaching experience or prior coursework in education?

  • Yes. Individuals without prior teaching experience or coursework in education are eligible for the program and encouraged to apply. The BPS Teaching Fellowship program is specifically designed to attract high-quality applicants from diverse backgrounds into the teaching profession. 

Am I eligible if I majored in education or have completed student teaching?  

  • Candidates with some prior education coursework or an education degree are welcome to apply.  If you have your preliminary license, you are eligible to apply. Individuals who hold or have worked under substitute licenses are eligible to apply.  Anyone who has already earned an initial or professional certificate, or is eligible for either by transferring a license from another state, is not eligible for this program. 

Why aren't teachers with their initial or professional certification eligible to apply, and what should they do to start teaching in Boston?

  • The BPS Teaching Fellowship program is specifically designed to provide training and alternative certification to individuals who need to participate in an approved program to obtain their initial and professional certificate in MA. There are other paths to employment for certified teachers and individuals who have completed teacher education programs. Learn more about employment for certified teachers.

Am I eligible to apply if I have an expired professional license?

  • If you were once licensed and that license is now invalid, inactive or expired, you may be eligible for the program. If you have not taught with that license in the past 5 years and you hold no other valid licenses, you will be eligible for the program. 

Do I need to be a resident of Boston to apply?

  • No. You do not need to be a resident of Boston to apply, however, we are looking for applicants who have deep knowledge of the city and a commitment to the students of Boston.  This program is open to all qualified, determined candidates with the skills and ambitions to make a difference in the lives of students who live in our city. 

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

  • Not necessarily. The fellowship is open to U.S. citizens, legal residents, and those who hold a valid work permit.