our district

"Boston is one of the best Cities for Teachers in America."

- Smart Asset, The Best (and Worst) Cities for Teachers (2014)

There are many reasons to pursue a career in the Boston Public Schools (BPS). BPS offers its teachers one of the most competitive salary and benefits packages in the nation. First-year teachers earn more than $51,000 and can make well over $70,000 by their sixth year. Teachers in the Boston Public Schools also have access to dedicated supports, exclusive resources, and prestigious leadership opportunities throughout their careers.

Here's a few more reasons to consider a career with Boston Public Schools. 


REASON #1: Teacher Development

The Boston Public Schools is committed to developing world-class educators. Opportunities for teacher development include but are not limited to:

  • New Teacher Development Programming 
  • Pathways to Licensure 
  • MTEL Preparation

REASON #2: Affinity Groups

We are committed to providing a welcoming work environment for educators from all backgrounds. The Boston Public Schools supports the following affinity groups: 

  • The BPS ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) Educators Program
  • BPS Male Educators of Color Executive Coaching Program (MEOC)
  • BPS School Leaders of Color - Think Tank (SLoC)

Follow the link below to learn about our commitment to diversity. 

Reason #3: Teacher Leadership Opportunities

Teachers in the Boston Public Schools have access to numerous leadership positions in a variety of contexts. Below are a few leadership opportunities available to our teachers. 

  • Lead Teachers
  • Content Lead Teachers
  • Team Lead Teachers
  • Grade-Level Team Leaders
  • School Site Council Members
  • Instructional Leadership Team Members
  • Language Acquisition Team Facilitators
  • Professional Learning Advisory Board
  • New Teacher Developers
  • Peer Assistance and Review Consulting Teachers

Reason #4: District Partnerships

The Boston Public Schools benefits from the strong academic and nonprofit culture in the Greater Boston area. Our district has forged partnerships with a number of organizations to further develop our teachers and school leaders. 

  • Teachers 21 - Boston Teacher Leadership Certificate
  • TeachPlus Policy Fellowship
  • T3 - Turnaround Teacher Teams
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification
  • Boston Teachers Union Teacher Leader Fellowship
  • Wheelock College - Competency-based Professional Development
  • Building Excellent Schools - Aspiring Principals Program
  • Boston College - Lynch-BPS Principal Fellowship
  • Boston Teacher Residency Mentors
  • Student Teacher Mentor or Cooperating Teacher
  • Teach For America